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Japan: 日本 (Nippon, Nihon)

Capital: 東京 (Tokyo)

The Japanese Writing System

There are three kind of letters in Japanese​

Hiragana: Katakana: Kanji


Hiragana is the basic of phonetics in Japanese  and also an important factor in composing sentence.

Japanese children starts learning language with Hiragana.

Let's learn Hiragana!

Japanese Alphabet Workbook:

Basic Hiragana


Japanese scripts, Katakana is a phonetic alphabet the same as Hiragana.

Katakana is used for transcription of foreign-language words into Japanese

and the writing of loan words.

Let's learn Katakana

Japanese Alphabet Workbook:

Basic Katakana

Japanese Alphabet workbook: 

Basic Hiragana, Basic Katakana

It has been specially for those students wishing to learn the basic Japanese script, Hiragana and Katakana, 

as efficiently and painlessly as possible. This features self-study, mainly to learn to read and write Japanese scripts, Hiragana and Katakana. It is difficult to study second languages by self-study when there are no native speakers nearby, so that his workbook is designed to solve that problem. By mastering this workbooks, you will be able to understand Japanese phonetics.

      The workbook features:​

           ・Overviews of the Japanese written language and sound system.

           ・As practice by tracing with finger following the numbers and arrows in Hiragana, to be clear directions                       and ample space to practice Hiragana formation.
           ・Illustrated example of English words with the similar pronunciation as each hiragana sounds to make it                     easier to imagine Japanese sounds.

                             I hope this workbook will make it possible to learn basic Japanese enjoyably.

Practice pronunciation of vowels

あ い う え お

Try pronouncing each vowel aloud

Click the circle below the picture to hear the sound.

The Japanese alphabet is derived from these five vowels.

Imitative words in Japanese

Daily Expression

こんにちは ( ko n ni chi wa )

さようなら (sa yo u na ra )