Hi, my name is Chizuru Takeda,

but my artist's name is Lucy.

Thank you for visiting my Lucy's Art Gallery

I started painting 7 years ago.

I used a small oil painting set, a small canvas 8" X 8".

Started soon I recognized it was very difficult.

Do you know why?

Because I didn't know what I wanted to paint.

Is it funny?

"What I want to paint?"

From then, I tried to paint over again and again....

Then, I made it finally!

This was exactly what I wanted to paint.....

This oil painting captured what I wanted to express.

That is how my artistic life started.

Now my studio is brimming over with my paintings.

Each of paintings has a story.

It is not a story that the artist made it.

It is a story born from the canvas in a natural manner.

The canvas tells me something, and I bend my ear to the voice from the canvas.

The canvas whispers to me " I am very happy."

That is as if the painting was born at that moment.

It is like a miracle!!

My painting is full of happiness.

I wish to send a blessing, smile...

I wish to send the light, breeze, sent...

I wish to send my feeling, my you.