Mr. Joy's Circus

Young Elephant 

Maya's Challenge

Mr. Joy's Circus

Young Elephant

Maya's Friendship

Annie Learns to Knit

In Search of Somatic Therapy

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Mr. Joy's circus

Young Elephant Maya's Challenge​

A young elephant, named Maya, was growing up in the Mr. Joy's Circus Family.

Today is the special day for Maya's first performance.

But Maya doesn't have confidence. The audience was waiting for Maya.

Would Maya's performance be a success?

A small step, but it is necessary step, for Maya to grow up.

"Now, take a step forward to be brave, Maya!"

The the sequel to Mr. Joy's circus

Mr. Joy's Circus: Young Elephant Maya's Friendship​

A young elephant, Maya, is a star in Mr. Joy's circus troupe.

Maya rescued a mouse that been captured in a rattrap by a strange coincidence, 

and a friendship grows between them.

One day, the mouse confides that rattraps are placed all over in the circus.

The mouse said sadly, "I can't live with peace of mind."

Maya feels sorry for the mouse and wanted to help him; but how?

"Maya's friendship causes a miracle!"

Annie Learns to Knit

Annie is a ten-year-old girl, very much a cute and energetic tomboy. 

She is always running around outside with the circle boys. 

But one day, she found the knitting instruction book, "Learn to Knit" at the library, 

she decides to give her mother a hand-knitted scarf for her birthday!

She stayed home, knitting intently.

Hand-knitting was more difficult than she had thought, but she completes the scarf without giving up.

Seeing the face of her mother, who was pleased with her present, 

Annie learned important things.

That is, no matter how difficult a task felt, if she never give up, she would be rewarded.

Annie was a happy little girl since then.

♥   Recommendation Book   ♥

"In Search of Somatic Therapy"

  Self-healing; approach from Dance

"Good Reads!"